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How to hire a Maid?

Please Read Carefully

Listed Salary in each profile, is what maids have requested when interviewed.

Salaries might not be fixed, it always varies based on offers.

Do not expect a Maid to go lower on what is mentioned in her CV.

If any maid communicated different living requirements or provided any different information than what mentioned in her profile, please report her to us either by call or email to [email protected]

What is MaidFinder?

Maid Finder is a registered company in Dubai Economic Department since 2012 with offices in JVC.

Maid Finder invites maids who are already in UAE for a personal interview in our offices. We do check their entry papers, do a personal interview and check references before we decide to upload them in our website.

You can browse these maids’ profiles, view their videos free of charge.

To be able to hire, maid finder charges a small fee for registration. Once registered phone numbers of these maids will appear automatically in each CV.

You can start calling these maids, do your personal interview, where you discuss your special terms and conditions, do a trial before you decide to hire anyone of them.

Maid Finder will not charge any extra fee after hiring.

For Maid sponsorship please go down to end of this page for further details.

كيف يعمل موقع Maid Finder?

هذا الموقع مرخص من الدائرة الاقتصاديه في دبي, هدفه تسهيل عمليه العثور على خادمه.

مئات الخادمات يصلون كل يوم ألى الامارات للعثور على فرصه للعمل, نقوم نحن فريق العمل بعمل مقابله شخصيه مع الخامات, التحقق من صحة الأوراق ومن ثم اضافة معلومات الخادمه على الموقع.

يمكنك تسجيل الاشتراك بمبلغ بسيط للحصول على ارقام الهواتف للأولئك الخادملت.

من ثم قومي بالاتصال  بأي من هؤلاء الخادمات, عمل مقابله شخصيه ومن ثم عمل تجربه قبل الأختيار النهائي.

Maid Finder ليست شركه لاستقدام الخادمات, لذلك رسومنا هي فقط رسوم التسجيل في الموقع.

 If I want you to help me in finding the right Maid?

Yes we can, check details here https://elitemaids.ae/fulltime-maids

Do all the candidates still looking for a job?

Yes, we constantly check if they were already hired, in that case, we remove them from our database.

Before I pay, can I read feedback on other Parents’ experiences with this site?

Absolutely. To do so, review our Testimonials page.

Does MaidFinder.ae hold any responsibility for the candidates listed on the website?

While we do go to certain measures to make sure that the candidates listed on the site are qualified for the positions being offered, the decision to hire a candidate is of the sole discretion of the family.

I am looking for a part-time helper; is that something I can find with your service?

The candidates listed with https://maidfinder.ae are available for a range of positions, depending on their schedule and needs. In the search, you will see that you can search for long-term and short-term candidates, which you can use as a guide to see if they are available for what you need.

How do I contact these maids?

 Here is how to start calling these maids, interview them in person, do a trial period before you decide on your right Maid, note that you can interview as much as you want.

We understand the struggle of hiring a fulltime trustworthy Maid, that’s why we at https://maidfinder.ae strive to keep up an up-to-date list of maids. Our experienced recruitment consultants work tirelessly on; interviewing maids, verifying their papers and checking their references and qualifications for your peace of mind.

Since established in 2012 we have helped over 5,000 families in finding the right help.

Click on the “Register” button and follow the easy three steps below to get you on your way to finding your new maid:

1.     Fill in your information: When prompted for your details fill up the required information.

2.     Select a package for the period you would like to access: Choose from one of our available packages; 30 days, 90 days and 180 days.

3.     Select a Payment method: When prompted choose either paying by Credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Maids Phone numbers will appear automatically in each profile, Start calling them.  

If I don’t find anyone for my position, can I have a refund?

MaidFinder.ae is a subscription-based service. While our main priority is for you to find someone to suit your needs, we cannot guarantee that you will find the individual that exactly fits your needs.

We encourage you to do a test search for candidates before registering to determine the availability in your area. The more candidates we have, the more likely it is that you will find someone that meets your needs.

We are committed to assisting you with your search. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have registered and paid for my account, why can’t I login?

Please ensure you are using the correct email address and password. If you have forgotten your password or want to check, use the Forgot your Password link. If you are still having difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I’m a previous member and I want to register again, do I have to set up another account?

It’s possible we still have your information saved in the database. First, go to the registration page and enter your email address. If your information is still in the database, you can just log in; if you forget your password, go to the Forgot Password page to retrieve it. If the form doesn’t recognize your email address, you will need to register again.

I just tried to register and it said that a member with my email address already exists. What’s going on?

This means that you have already registered with this email address, so you cannot create a new account with the same email address. Please login to your account to renew your membership or update your information. If you forget your password, go to the Forgot Password link to retrieve it.

I forgot my login information – help!

Go to the Forgot your Password page and enter the email address you are registered with. If your email address is registered in the system, we’ll send you your password momentarily. If you continue to have difficulties, or don’t receive the email, please call us at 052 189 3330 or email us at [email protected] We’re always happy to help!

How can I sponsor a maid? And what documents do I need to prepare?

Once you have met the right candidate, the next step is getting the necessary paperwork in place, so that they are a legal worker in the country. If you want to get the maid or nanny on your own visa, you have two options –

Apply for the visa through a typing centre or at a GDRFA centre or

Apply through a Tadbeer centre Process to bring a maid or nanny on your own sponsorship

. If you wish to sponsor a maid on your visa, you need to take the following documents to a typing centre:

a. Tenancy contract for a two-bedroom apartment, with maid's room or a three-bedroom apartment. Requirements can change, so speak to your typing centre to find out what the minimum requirements are.

b. Salary certificate, showing a minimum salary of Dh25,000.

c. Marriage certificate

d. Passport and visa copy

e. Original emirate ID

f. Maid passport copy Maid photo

g. If the maid or nanny is a national of the same country, you need to get a certificate from the country’s consulate proving you are not related.

If the maid is not in the country, she will require an entry permit to enter the country. This can incur additional costs. Once she is in the country, you need to apply for the medical fitness test, health insurance and Emirates ID processes. The total cost can range from Dh7,000-Dh10,0000, depending on the company you are dealing with.

The visa is valid for one year.

What are their rights?

As per UAE law, domestic workers are entitled to the following:

1.      payment of wages, as set out in the standard contract, within 10 days from the day they are due

2.      one day of paid rest per week

3.      12 hours of rest per day, including 8 hours consecutive rest

4.      30 days paid vacation per year

5.      medical insurance provided by the employer

6.      30 days of medical leave per year

7.      a round trip ticket home every 2 years

8.      a decent accommodation

9.      decent meals at the employer’s expense

10.  attire suitable for the job to be carried out, at the employer’s expense

Cash Payment Transfer?

Elite Advance Building Cleaning Services

Account number: 3707552088501IBAN NUMBER: AE300340003707552088501

Emirates Islamic Bank, Dubai, UAE Swift Code: MEBLAEAD


* You will gain access to maids contact information directly after submitting proof of transfer to [email protected]